Food From the Backyard

07_29_2015_01Things are happening in the yard! We are starting to be able to collect edibles every morning when we go down to the coop to let out the chickens and ducks. We have been gathering eggs, blackberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatillos and plums. I’ve already canned 15 500ml jars of pickles (!!) and the plants show no sign of slowing. This is exactly what I wanted when we planted our starters earlier this year. Success!

The tomato plants are loaded but the large ones aren’t ready yet. Lots of tiny tomatoes are getting ripe though, and so are the tomatillos.

07_29_2015_0307_29_2015_07 07_29_2015_06 07_29_2015_05 07_29_2015_04 And the PLUMS. It begins!

07_29_2015_02It looks like we will get ever more plums this year than last year… and we thought that harvest was ridiculous. We are getting ready for plum everything!

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