Things I Love: Nature Spirit Earth Market

07_29_2015_08The addition to the Madrona Marketplace is complete and we have a handful of new stores! There’s a Home + Garden store with a bit of a Canadian Tire feel to it, a fitness gym, a small jewelry store, a cool gift store called Wishbone with deli and ice cream bar (they also have some great designer kitchen knick knacks there and some nice specialty foods) and the health food store, Nature Spirit Earth Market (Dorothy, the owner, has an online magazine that can be found here). It’s a mouthful and I don’t think I’ll ever get the order of the words right, but Earth Market has an excellent selection of essential oils, dry goods, incense, herbs, beeswax, soaps, vitamins, oils for soap making and so much more. We are really happy to have a local source for these items as trucking them back from the city or ordering online is not always ideal. We have popped in a few times now, and I was most excited to buy a block of beeswax to make my calendula salve with once the solar infused oil is ready. I hope it sticks around, we love hippy witchy stuffs ❤


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