Heavy Metal Herbs: Calendula Tincture

07_29_2015_20J has started up a new project called Heavy Metal Herbs! I put together the packaging today and we have our first batch of products available; Calendula Tincture.

07_29_2015_1907_29_2015_16Calendula Tincture has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is also a strong antiseptic and astringent. It can be kept in a first-aid kit for topical treatment of lacerations, abrasions, lesions, boils and other infections. I use a cotton pad to wipe calendula over scrapes and cuts to clean and sooth.

The bottles are 15ml / 0.5oz with a glass eyedropper. The tincture was made December of last year and can last up to 5 years if stored in a cool dark place. As all tinctures do, they contain alcohol.

07_29_2015_18 07_29_2015_17 07_29_2015_15Digging those awesome bottles? I ordered a bunch of supplies from Canadian website SapphireBlue.ca. They have everything!

We’ve got some other tinctures in progress as well, so stay tuned. I’ve also made buttons… free buttons with your order! Check them out here!

07_29_2015_14 07_29_2015_13

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