Achievement Unlocked: Bunnies Bonded!

07_31_2015_09It has happened at last, the bunnies are all bonded into pairs! Zapp and Leela were a piece of cake, and Millie and Momo have gotten comfortable with each other and are now sharing a home. YESSSSSS. (Also, Millie’s face wound is healed! Double yessss!)

I’m so happy about this development. Last week I posted about Millie and Momo’s stage 2 progress; spending time together in the bathtub without human intervention. After they were comfortable enough with each other in the tub I let them hang out together in the upstairs of the house, which is stage 3.

Here are some videos:

Stage 3 part 1: M&M are considerably less stressed than before and are content just sitting near each other. No grooming or head touching just yet, but no fighting or humping either.

Stage 3 part 2: M&M climb onto the couch together and touch noses. Good sign!

Stage 3 final: M&M have started grooming each other! Millie cleans Momo’s head and ears and they have started laying side by side while out in the play area. I then placed the toys and litter trays for both bunnies into one play area and placed them in together. They have continued to groom each other and cuddle, which signifies they are at the end of their bonding journey. Unless there is some kind of backslide, I’m calling these two done.

Check out our gorgeous pairs! 07_31_2015_03 07_31_2015_02 07_31_2015_0107_31_2015_04

Check out the whole journey with these links:

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