Things I Love: Harvesting Color

07_31_2015_07I’m so stoked about Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess. I was working a few weeks ago and my coworker pulled a copy out of her bag and started flipping through. I was like whaaaaat is that amazing book? then promptly ordered a copy for myself. It took a while but it finally arrived and I’m very excited about all the plant dyes it teaches. I’ve already added a few plants to the garden list for next year and am planning to start dying the angora I’m spinning. SO FUN.

Burgess introduces the reader to natural dying and lists the supplies required to get started. There are master dye recipes and information about the dying process. Then the book is broken into sections according to season and shows what plants can be harvested where and when, and what colour they produce. The layout is very accessible and the photographs are beautiful. I have yet to try out any of the techniques but I am definitely looking forward to learning more about natural dyes!

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