08_15_2015_02Whew it’s been a minute since I posted! The last two weeks have been really busy with work in the city, but I finally have a break now for about 3 weeks. So what’s been going on? Well, the bunny area is almost complete, J painted the downstairs, and we got some new furniture. I’ve also canned a ton of pickles, we have a fridge full of plums, and the chicks are basically chicken sized now. I have also decided to push my diet into vegan territory again, which has been going really well! So much better than when I tried 12 years ago and failed miserably. There are so many more vegan friendly products now which make it a lot easier, plus I am learning to cook for myself (is 31 too late to do this? ha) which also makes it a lot more fun.

Some back story because this is my blog and I can ramble about whatever I want (ha!); I have been vegetarian since I was a kid, maybe 10 years old or so. I’ve just never liked meat or seafood so it was easy for me; a glass of milk is just about the grossest thing I can think of, and I have never enjoyed eating eggs (in fact just a few months ago I learned to cook one for the first time so I could make breakfast for J). I’m not into labels and I’m not really interested in broadcasting my eating preferences at every meal, I just don’t eat meat and prefer not to eat eggs or milk either. That’s it. I went with the “vegetarian” label because it was easier to describe my diet that way, though I did eat “cheat foods” from time to time. Cheat foods for me were the occasional super processed chicken strip or extra crispy piece of bacon – basically meats that didn’t have the true texture of meats I guess haha.

When I went to Europe at 18 years old for an art history program we were asked to fill out a form outlining our dietary preferences for the meals that would be provided for us at some of the accommodations. I wrote honestly that I was largely vegetarian but did eat the occasional crispy chicken burger, and the first meal we had as a group in France was based on this information. I found a huge plate of fancy chicken/duck/turkey/something placed in front of me and I was slightly aghast… ‘That’s not what I meant by “occasional chicken” and I am totally grossed out by this’. I told the instructor and she was like “If you don’t want to eat this then you are fully vegetarian and I’ll update your info.” They brought me a beautiful pasta dish with roast veggies and I was MUCH more comfortable. From then on I just stuck to the vegetarian label when people asked what I would like to eat. Funny though, that the second you apply a label to yourself people seem to be eager to watch you slip up. Calling myself vegetarian for simplicity sake, then eating a McChicken burger from McDicks once in a blue moon was highly entertaining to friends and boyfriend who liked to call me out on my “hypocrisy”. Seriously, who would have thought that what another person chooses to consume would be so interesting to other people! (I’m pretty sure mcchickens are all cardboard and oil anyways) My ex-husband would love to laugh at me and inform people that I ate chicken strips when I would mention that I was vegetarian, like that was critical information for some reason. It was embarrassing, unnecessary, and honestly one of the reasons we aren’t married anymore hahaha.

I have been thinking for a few years about what is going on with my food preferences, because they can be all over the place; I hate milk but if I am offered whip cream on my soy hot chocolate I’ll probably take it. Cottage cheese totally disgusts me, but I love cream cheese on raisin toast and in sushi. Straight up eggs make me want to yack (I can’t even clean the pans), but I am OBSESSED with mayonnaise and when I made this lemon curd and this lemon meringue torte I was in heaven. Soooo… why???

I’ve decided to quit with all the flip flopping and pick a team. I’m going VEGAN.

08_15_2015_01Giving up the “cheat chicken” was easy after we started keeping our own flock, the idea of killing and eating one of those cuties make me feel sick. The stumbling block for me here will be cheese – I’ve always been one of those assholes that’s all “I could never be vegan because CHEESE!” but here we go. It’s been 2 weeks already and I’m feeling great.

I posted about groceries a few weeks back, and here is my haul today after giving up dairy. The only change is that I didn’t buy yogurt for my smoothies, I’ll go for an almond or coconut yogurt instead. I also stocked up on some staples; vegenaise to replace the mayo, some Daiya cream cheese for toast, and a block of soy cheese for snacks (I am aware this cheese is NOT vegan! It contains casein, which is a milk protein. Baby steps though.) These groceries cost pretty similar to my last load, but I feel like I got a few more items this time around… I got “meal” items as well, corn on the cob, lentil soup, veggie burgers and buns, a portebello mushroom for sandwiches, and spinach for salads.

SO. Expect more posts about vegan products as I get adjusted, and feel free to use my journey as inspiration to make your own changes! ❤


  1. Good for you! Everybody needs to feel comfortable with what they’re ingesting. And we’re all different. Except maybe the group that eats burgers and fries and milkshakes as a regular diet! I’ve been about 95% vegetarian for some 15 years now and have got to the point where I only want a couple pieces of crisp bacon once in a while. I do cook meat sometimes for other people, but I don’t really like dealing with it. And I know exactly what you mean about people who accuse you of being a hypocrite because once in six months you have a piece of chicken. Been there, heard that!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who has heard comments from other people about what I choose to eat. I mean, ideally no one would comment on it at all because it’s not important really, but at least I’m not alone! I hear you on the cooking meat for other people thing. I’ll do it, but I don’t really like it. As a care worker I made my client veggie samosas one day and her husband requested I make more but with ground beef. I was super grossed out and essentially cooking blind because I wouldn’t taste it, but I didn’t really mind that much in the end, I just didn’t eat them. I’ll only do it once in a while though 😉

  2. Good on you for making your own food decisions. I too find it weird how opinionated or prejudiced people can be when it comes to diets. I developed lactose intolerance about 7 years ago (wow, it doesn’t seem that long). People I know well often forget that I can’t eat milk products or find it a big stress coming up with food to make for me. People who don’t know me very well often assume that I’m a health freak or am half-starving myself if I decline to eat cake, slices, cheese and all sorts of other goodies. Admittedly, I do eat a lot more healthily than I used to but I hate it when people think I don’t eat enough just coz I’m declining certain foods and I’m a healthy weight. So I imagine it’s even worse for people like you who can’t give a physiological reason for what you do and don’t eat! I hope people learn to respect your decisions. I love food! It is one of life’s great joys. =)

    • That is such a good point; making a moral choice not to eat something for some reason isn’t as “valid” as a medical reason for changing your diet. A few nights ago this very thing came up. I ordered a pizza from the local pizza place and asked for vegan cheese, which they had offered in the past. When I got the pizza it looked like regular cheese, so I sent my poor boyfriend back in to ask them to remake it with vegan cheese. They acted really annoyed and kept asking J if it was due to an allergy, and finally J just said YES and then they were way more accommodating and remade the pizza. I was happy with the new pizza but incredibly annoyed that his saying that I was vegan and wanted dairy free cheese wasn’t reason enough to make it the way I ordered it. Tell them it’s an allergy and suddenly they jump into action. *eyeroll*

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