It’s a Good Mail Day When 50lbs of Hay Shows Up at Your Door

08_15_2015_07If you ever wondered what 50lbs of timothy hay looks like, here it is. I recently posted about the cost of keeping pet rabbits (see it here!) and deduced that the one area that needed financial restructuring was the timothy hay.

In an attempt to save money I ordered a bulk box from Canadian Pet Connection and had it shipped to me. Not the best for the environment, I guess, but far easier than sorting out the dangerous cargo trip required by BC Ferries if I were to pick up a truck load of [flammable] hay from Nanaimo. Here’s where we are at now:

One month supply:
Pellets: $16/bag x 1
Pellet bedding: $12/bag x 2
= $40/month

Long term supply:
Hay cubes: $16/bag (3 months +)
Timothy hay: $100/50lbs delivered (6 months + I hope)
= $22/month approx

$62/month + foraged vegetables/greens (the buns are mostly eating blackberry leaves, kale, and hazelnut tree leaves currently, all from the yard)

That’s for 8 rabbits! Not bad :):):) I’ll report back on how long the 50lbs of hay lasts for.

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