Progress on the Bunny Castle


The rabbit castle is well on its way to being completed. All that’s left for now is putting in some kind of floor over the dirt and to possibly paint and tidy up some of the trim. The whole thing has been predator-proofed and the bunnies have moved in! This is a big upgrade from the hutch we made last year, which we made too small and out of really nice looking but inappropriate materials. It also only fit 3 rabbits and we now have 8!

This new set up has 4 separate compartments, one for each pair so no one is alone, all large enough for the rabbits to stand fully on their hind legs, stretch out fully in all directions and run about 4 or 5 hops down the length of the space. All areas are accessible by secure doors, and we used a finer mesh to prevent chewing on the wire and keep other animals out. The compartments have hay lofts and ramps to neat hidey holes, and the one on the very end (Millie and Momo’s) has 3 split levels plus a secret basement filled with hay.

08_18_2015_19 08_18_2015_18

08_18_2015_08 08_18_2015_17

A while ago my mom removed a string of lights from her living room and gave them to us thinking we could use them in the house. We didn’t find a space for them until the other night when we had an a-ha moment and installed them in the rabbit room. The light is so warm and bright!

08_18_2015_16 08_18_2015_15 08_18_2015_14 08_18_2015_13 08_18_2015_12

The buns are still a little confused about what is happening, but so far seem comfortable lounging in their new space. After the completion of the bunny castle we move to the outside where we will be building a secure run for them to play in. Can’t wait!! ❤

08_18_2015_11 08_18_2015_10

The space looked really nice last night 🙂 Today we finished things off and cleaned the whole area of debris and moved my pomegranate tree in front of the entry. It’s pretty cute.



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