Pod and Penelope Are Big Now


Pod and Penelope have grown so fast! It’s been about 2 months since we hatched our first (and surprisingly to this date, only!) chick, Pod, and adopted the orphan chick Penelope. Both are happily hanging out with the flock and are healthy. We are pretty sure at this point that Penelope is a pullet, but aren’t 100% on Pod yet, though we are both still leaning toward roo. He has the same forked comb as El Hefe, and obviously the puffy crest as well. No sign of talons on his legs like Hefe’s, but we aren’t sure if those come later or are not passed down to all offspring. Even if he is a roo we don’t want to part with him if he and Hefe can live together. Both little chickies are gorgeous!

08_19_2015_03 08_19_2015_02 08_19_2015_01

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