Buying Cruelty Free at the Drug Store

08_25_2015_04 It’s been hot and dry here for months. Lucky for me (heavy sarcasm), the building where I work in Vancouver happens to have absolutely zero ventilation and requires a lot of walking up and down 3 flights of stairs under hot light streaming in from the skylight. No big deal, except that it’s like being trapped in a huge terrarium and there is a lot of sweat going on. It’s been so hot that my home made deodorant won’t stop melting, and despite the sweatiness my hair has been dry like straw. My shifts are 12 hours long 3 days consecutively so it ends up being fairly uncomfortable having soggy clothes and hair that won’t untangle, so I found myself having to make a trip to the drug store to try to fix it.

I found a deodorant brand I hadn’t tried yet, Lafe’s, and was super happy to discover it came in a scent that wasn’t flowers or baby powder; cedar and aloe. This is by far my favourite deodorant scent (after lime, of course) and it works really well. Super bonus points for being leaping bunny certified.

08_25_2015_0108_25_2015_02To try to hydrate my hair I picked up a Moroccan Argan Oil product by orgnx. It smells amazing (smell is very important to me, ha) and didn’t weigh down my super fine hair when applied to the ends while still wet after bathing. I’m pretty happy to have something like this in my arsenal and know that it is vegan! I definitely recommend both of these products if you are in a pinch and find yourself sweaty and straw-haired at work.


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