More on the Cost of Groceries

08_29_2015_03I’ve been documenting my groceries again as I am curious about the cost of food both on the island and from other sources, as well as sharing my journey from vegetarianism into veganism. (Here is post #1 if you were curious, and post #2)

I’ve definitely noticed that groceries on Gabriola are more expensive than they were in the city where I had more choices for shopping. But I will say that the selection at the store here (there is only one if you don’t count the farmer’s market) is pretty good. The load above I picked up mostly on impulse (I’m terrible) when I went to the store to buy sugar, limes, and jars for plum jam. The cost of the jars plus the cost of the frozen Daiya pizza definitely added up quickly. 20 items totaled $76.80, averaging $3.84 each item.

08_29_2015_0408_29_2015_01I did a bit better this round; 21 items totaling $66.61, an average of $3.17 each. I went shopping while I was hungry which is a big no no… I was planning to get another frozen daiya pizza for a quick dinner, but didn’t want to pay $9.99 for a small and not really very tasty meal. Instead I bought ingredients to make my own pizza; daiya shredded cheese, pizza sauce, pineapple, mushrooms and a 3 pack of crusts. I was rushed and discovered that the only crusts available weren’t actually vegan as they contained honey powder (why do they even need this??) but I bought them anyways because HUNGER. Now I know for next time that Mama Mary’s original pizza crusts are NOT vegan.

All of my visits to the grocery store lately have involved a lot of googling: Are twizzlers vegan?  (YES All Twizzler products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Twizzlers do not contain animal gelatin or other animal products, and are approved as a vegan-edible candy.) Are Cheerios vegan? (They are about 99.9% due to the D3 vitamin they add which is derived from lanolin/sheep’s wool. How extreme do I want to be about this?) and the list goes on. Hey vegans out there; what food product were you most surprised to find out was vegan?



  1. It wasn’t anything from the grocery store that surprised me, it was my friend’s cinnamon rolls covered in caramel. There weren’t any vegan convenience foods when I started, so just seeing vegan stuff at a regular grocery store makes me super excited.

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