From the Backyard

09_01_2015_08It’s been busy around here this month and I haven’t had much time to spend in front of the computer. That’s probably a good thing, but I’ve really fallen behind on the blogging! Here are some more photos of the food we have grown in our backyard this season. We have plums (well over 40 lbs worth and we actually let a lot of them drop for the deer when it was super dry), cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, hazelnuts, and apples.

09_01_2015_07 09_01_2015_03 09_01_2015_02 09_01_2015_01We had a super successful crop of pickling cucumbers too which I am really excited about!! I did well over 20 jars of pickles (!) and have even readied a tutorial on how to can your own pickles – coming up shortly.


This year we used most of our plums to make wine (we still have a TON of jam from last year) but I did manage one double batch of plum and cardamom syrup. I’ve got a great idea for how to use it and I’ll blog about it soon! Also coming at you are recipes for canned cherry tomato salsa (one of the best I have made) and a tomatillo sauce for tacos. I’ve got a lot on my plate – figuratively and literally. See you soon ❤


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