Bunny Castle 99% Complete

09_04_2015_11The Bunny Castle has a floor!  This was the final step in ensuring 100% that there was no way for any predators to burrow into the bunny room, and also makes it a lot easier to stay clean and tidy. I organized all the wood pellets, timothy hay cubes, and feed into mouse proofed rubbermaid bins and everything looks great. Just a little bit of painting and some cozy sheltered boxes for the cooler weather and we are done! Here’s a shot of the dirt floor we covered:

08_18_2015_13I bought 3 boxes of laminate tiles to line the floors of the compartments for easy cleaning, and we had enough left over to do the floor.

Here’s some shots of the bunnies hanging out in their homes:

09_04_2015_18 09_04_2015_17 09_04_2015_15

^ Nibbler and Fry love the “skybox” compartment they can climb into, it’s over the doorway.


Millie’s favourite new way to lounge is sitting on Momo’s back. It’s pretty adorable.

09_04_2015_13 09_04_2015_16

Zapp has an appointment next month to be neutered, and I can’t wait for him stop urine spraying everywhere! The above photo is a few days after moving in, and the photo below is a couple weeks later, you can see the buildup of wee on the wall. Leela is the tidiest bunny I have, so I’m sure she’s super annoyed about the place being covered in pee smell. Urine flicking is something unneutered males do, but it mostly stops after they have been snipped (thankfully).

09_04_2015_10And a view from the outside!



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