Things I Love: Matt & Nat VERA SM Wallet

09_04_2015_01I’ve needed a new wallet for a really long time. For some reason, despite the fact that I carry it with me everywhere and use it almost every day, I’ve never taken the time in selecting a nice wallet for all my zillions of cards and receipts. My current wallet is a brown leather number that I literally pulled out of a dumpster and have toted around with me for over 3 years. The wallet I used before that was one that had been given to me by a resident at work (which was also very likely to have been pulled from a dumpster, or possibly stolen haha). In fact, the last wallet I distinctly remember purchasing myself was a snap leather wallet with a chain that I wore in my back pocket everyday when I was like 16.

Now that I am a capital A Adult, I thought it was time for a real wallet. I wasn’t actively looking for one and probably wouldn’t have even bought one for another few months if it weren’t for a one day trip to the city I took this past Wednesday for a business meeting in Yaletown. We had an hour to kill before it started and so we did some walking and ended up in Fine Finds (1014 Mainland St) which had a huge collection of vegan handbags and wallets.

09_04_2015_04 09_04_2015_03 09_04_2015_02I am not about to ditch all of my leather goods despite changing my diet to plant-based. To start with, I don’t actually own a lot of leather goods; 2 leather belts (bought new), some leather shoes (all second hand except for 2 or 3 quality pairs), a couple leather purses (all thrifted), and a gorgeous leather jacket I bought in the Camden Market when I was in London a few years ago that I will wear until I die. It feels wasteful to purge these items, so I will treat them with respect and use them until they wear out. I will avoid leather products from now on, though I usually just buy canvas sneakers and cotton t-shirts anyways (and 99% of what I own is second hand anyhow). And I have never in my life ever bought or worn fur, even vintage or thrifted items. Blech.

I do really love this Matt & Nat wallet, though. It’s small and lightweight, holds lots of cards, and the design is really simple. They have a TON of other beautiful clutches and purses that maybe one day I will invest in, but until this wallet is full of excess money it will have to wait. Ha.


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