Vegan Battle: Shredded Cheese!

09_08_2015_07Vegan Battle! There are tons of vegan products on the market now (yay!), and I am doing my best to sample as many as I can to find what I like the most. While I sort of like the Daiya vegan cheese option for pizza, I was wondering if there was another brand of cheese that would be better so I bought a bag of a different brand and tried it out. Last night I put them to the test – Vegan Battle was born! In an ongoing series of posts I will pit two products head to head and judge which I liked better. The first being Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds vs. Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella Flavour Shreds.

09_04_2015_32I’ve already commented on Daiya and it’s use on pizza. It melts pretty well, the texture is decent, and the taste is about a 7/10 for me. It’s taking some getting used to, but until something better comes along this is a fine substitute for real cheese.

09_08_2015_0109_08_2015_05 09_08_2015_03This was my first time trying out a Vegan Gourmet product, and right away it looked more appetizing than the Daiya shreds. The smell was similar, but the texture seemed better; less plastic and more like real cheese shreds.

09_08_2015_02 09_08_2015_04I gotta say though, after they had been in the oven, the Vegan Gourmet shreds lost a lot of their appeal when they didn’t quite melt. They sort of turned greasy looking on the top and almost watery on the lower layers, whereas the Daiya did melt in a more visually appealing way and the lower level didn’t get watery or overly greasy.

09_08_2015_06 In the above picture Vegan Gourmet is on the left, Daiya on the right. Surprisingly, they tasted fairly similar. The Vegan Gourmet was a bit milder/blander than the Daiya, which isn’t that terrible because sometimes I feel like the Daiya flavour is overpowering. With this mix of toppings; black olives, onions, pineapple, mushrooms, and vegan pepperoni, there were enough other flavours going on that it was balanced much better. (I have to admit that the taste of Daiya on it’s own is not really that exciting for me, and actually a little jarring.) Overall though it was the texture that did it for me in this particular face off, and the Daiya came out on top! I ate the whole Daiya pizza plus a little over half of the Vegan Gourmet, then I tapped. 09_08_2015_08Winner: Daiya!

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