The Downstairs: A Work in Progress

09_10_2015_01The downstairs is undergoing a transformation. The bunnies had kind of taken over and it was getting ridiculous, so I moved my office upstairs into the sun room and there wasn’t much left down there. This house is so much larger than all of my previous residences (the very small bedroom I grew up in, to the tiny basement apartment in Halifax, to the 3 or 4 single rooms I rented in Vancouver for many years, to the tiny house in North Van, to the abysmally small studio apartment downtown, to the 817SF condo I bought in Gastown, and finally the 600SF East Van apartment… jeez I’ve moved a lot!) and we don’t have enough stuff to fill it! Ha. The thought behind buying a house this size was that we want to live here for a long time and we should have room to expand, but until that happens we are kind of like little goldfish swimming in a big pond.

As you may have also noticed, I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life. J, however, grew up in Northern England and moved here permanently only about 8 months into our relationship, packing just a large bag of stuff for the airplane and that was it. So what we have ended up with is my having accumulated lots of “house” stuff (art, furniture, books, crafting supplies, clothes, etc) while J has like zero possessions. So it’s no wonder J kind of feels like he is living in MY house. And that STINKS.

So I have stepped off and J is doing what he wants in the downstairs, starting by setting up a record area/lounge as well as fixing up our TV space. First thing he did was paint it all a bright avocado-inspired green.

09_10_2015_0209_10_2015_0509_10_2015_04OMG it’s so bright. Remember that rabbit hutch that we made? Now that the buns are happily relocated into larger housing we don’t need the indoor hutch anymore. J promptly took it apart (it stank haha) and repurposed the materials into other projects. First project was a shelf using the boards from the top of the hutch.

09_10_2015_0309_10_2015_07(Can we also talk about how messy the bunnies were? hahaha)

09_10_2015_08This little ledge was a weird detail, but J found a way to utilize it a bit better by fitting a sturdy shelf there for cookbook storage/display.

09_10_2015_09It’s pretty great! And I’m glad the cookbooks are all easy to see now.

09_10_2015_11 09_10_2015_10It’s coming along, but definitely needs some flooring to make it look more polished. My Dad did a furniture shuffle and had two day beds from the cabin he no longer had room for, so we put them into the lounge area. We also have a couch down there that my sister gave me when she got a new one, so it’s like the free furniture zone haha (come to think of it, both sofas upstairs as well as the coffee table and side tables were all gifted to us as well. We are incredibly fortunate/good at hoarding)

I made a quick trip to Ikea to pick up a few other small things, including this coffee table set that is perfect for my comic books… happy coincidence haha.

09_10_2015_06More photos to come as things get organized!

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