Vegan Battle: Mayonnaise!

09_12_2015_08VEGAN MAYONNAISE: I basically required this to live. I’ve been really impressed with Vegenaise so far, but thought I would try a different brand of vegan mayonnaise to see how it stacked up. Going head to head in this Vegan Battle is Earth Island Reduced Fat Vegenaise and Spectrum Vegan Eggless Canola Mayonnaise Type Spread.

09_12_2015_07Both are egg free and gluten free, come in a nice glass jar, and have good graphic design.

09_12_2015_0209_12_2015_04To test out the mayo I enlisted the help of Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Sliders. Fake chicken sliders WITH buns included? Yes please.

09_12_2015_0309_12_2015_26On the left we have the Spectrum, on the right the Vegenaise. Right away I liked the consistency of the Vegenaise much better than the Spectrum as it was closer to the texture of “real” mayo. Spectrum’s mayo was gloopier than the Vegenaise – is “gloopier” a word? Runnier is maybe more accurate. Both smelled fairly similar.

09_12_2015_0509_12_2015_06The chick’n sliders, by the way, were awesome. Exactly the flavour I look for in a fake chick’n product (or those super processed “real” chicken products I used to eat from time to time), no guilt!

09_12_2015_09The mayo though was a pretty easy decision. The Vegenaise tasted very, very close to “real” mayo, while the Spectrum was more like the tangy sandwich spread Miracle Whip, which I’ve never liked. It might be nice in another context – a sandwich maybe – but not on chick’n burgers.

Winner: Vegenaise!

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