Things I Love: Great Bear Paleo Bites!

10_04_2015_04A few weeks ago I picked up a box of Cocoa-Goji Mojo Bites made by Great Bear Paleo Bites while in Nanaimo. They are gluten free, vegan, wheat-soy-dairy-nut-free, and made in Oliver, British Columbia! Wanting some inspiration on ways to use our own goji berries, the flavour of the bites grabbed my attention.

When I got home and opened them I was pretty bummed to find that the bites were covered in mold. Crazy! I wrote to the company to let them know their product had gone off and and where/when I had purchased. They responded right away and I was really pleased to see that they were going to send me some free samples, because I didn’t even get to taste the cocoa-goji bites.

10_04_2015_03 10_04_2015_02And they sent so much!! I got 10 individual packages totaling 20 bites, and in all three of their flavours; cocoa-goji mojo bites, lemon-cran trail bites, and apple-cinna summit bites. The cocoa ones were sooooooo good! They were like a healthy version of a haystack/no-bake chocolate macaroon-type-thing. The lemon-cran and apple-cinna flavours were both really great too. I am really impressed with their customer service and the product is outstanding! If you are able to check them out definitely do so, the individual packages are easy to toss in your bag on the go and the bites themselves are really moist and flavourful. YES.



  1. That’s crazy that they were moldy! Well they sure made it right! Awesome loot! Hahahaha. They sound delicious. I’ve never heard of them. I will look up the company. Which one is your favorite? 🙂

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