Setting Up An Herbal Area

10_05_2015_07Earlier this year we spiffed up our laundry room by building a closet around the water heater and a folding surface with shelves over the washer and dryer. The room is totally massive and there was still lots of space left over so we put some shelves in there to act as a brewing area. We ended up moving the brew room into the “sauna” off the downstairs bathroom because it was closer to a functioning sink, and the room wasn’t going to become a sauna any time soon (sad face).

After moving the brew stuff into another room, J started to set up an area for his Heavy Metal Herbs production. We moved the table from the greenhouse (now my studio) down and bought some shelf brackets from Ikea. Here are some progress shots:

10_05_2015_06 10_05_2015_05 10_05_2015_04 10_05_2015_03 10_05_2015_02 10_05_2015_01It made a huge difference to have more storage space available as there was suddenly a massive amount of stuff crammed in there and it was all over everything. Now we have a space to store dried herbs, lotions, butters, oils, tinctures, etc etc. Next step for the room is to build a similar closet around the pressure tank with a door/curtain and then tile the floor. Woo hoo!


  1. Looking good! Don’t you love seeing all your creations together? They’re so beautiful when paired together. We are (hopefully, God-willing) closing on a house in three weeks, and that 3 bedroom, 2 bath house also comes with a detached 1100 sq foot garage and workshop. There are two rooms, one of which has an early 20th century woodstove. That’s going to become my herbal workshop and office. It needs to be finished and the woodstove serviced, but that’s my plan and goal for next spring/summer. I need a separate space.

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