Garden Happenings

10_05_2015_25It may be October 5th already, but the garden continues to look awesome. Following months and months of super hot dry weather (our fire rating is still on HIGH after being on EXTREME all summer) we have had some rain, and the garden perked right back up again. Plants we thought were dead came sprouting back into action, and plants we thought weren’t going to blossom this year and starting to flower now. Here’s a quick tour of what’s happening today.

10_05_2015_24^ The cardoons have gone to seed, died back, and sprouted fresh again.

10_05_2015_2310_05_2015_2210_05_2015_21I threw down some calendula seeds a few weeks ago thinking they might sprout up in the spring, but lo-and-behold, they are already going nuts.

10_05_2015_20^ Borage has also proven itself incredibly easy to grow; when we built this deck there were two tiny seedlings growing in the sand that I sloppily transplanted and since then they have gone bananas, seeding all over and spreading like mad.

10_05_2015_1910_05_2015_1810_05_2015_1710_05_2015_1610_05_2015_31^ More cardoons

10_05_2015_30^ More borage

10_05_2015_29^ These nasturtiums have been full steam ahead for months

10_05_2015_28 10_05_2015_27^ Another big success this year with little effort was this little clump of pineapple sage that grew to be over 4 feet tall.

10_05_2015_26^ This is one area that is starting to look good, but requires a lot more plants to fill it up. The stone border defined the space beautifully, can’t wait to fill all the holes with more plants.


  1. We bought two pineapple sage plants on clearance about three months ago and they are HUGE! Over three feet easily but they have never flowered. Now we’re getting into frost here in Michigan and the tips are dying….I guess I’ll have to get more next year!

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