Spay and Neuter Your Animals

10_20_2015_01Zapp is 6 months old already so it was time for him to go and get the snippy snip. Neutering male rabbits helps to curb unwanted behaviors like humping female companions (causing them distress), urine spraying, and potential aggressiveness. Zapp has definitely been flicking his pee everywhere and I’m really looking forward to seeing it stop! The procedure was quick and easy and his healing period was very short. The vet provided pain medication for the 3 days following the surgery, but the next day he was already back to running around and performing his usual stunts. I checked the very small incision each day to ensure it was healing alright and things were fine. He and Leela are such good buddies, she took care of him right away by cleaning all the crusties off his face acquired while he was under the anesthesia. And they continue to be sooo super cute! Spay and neuter your pets, people. Bob Barker says!

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