Chicken Coop Continues to Evolve

11_01_2015_09The chicken coop progress had really stalled out for a while there as our focus was put on completing the rebar fence. The fence is now complete, and so is the Bunny Castle, so back to the coop we go. The siding was started at the beginning of the year and not completed, and while we were away in Honolulu back in January my sister used some fencing to cover the top of the run after two chickens escaped the enclosure and were killed by a predator. We left the fencing up as we had nothing better to replace it with, but finally took it off as we have just be allowing the birds to free range in the yard again, and tackled the siding.


We didn’t have much money (read: no money) and still hadn’t really decided what material we wanted to use, until our very kind neighbour offered us some metal roofing he had left over on his property. We happily accepted the material and he even helped J to put it all on! AND provided the screws! We are so grateful for all of the kindness we have received on the island since moving here, I was really blown away that we would not only be able to find materials for free, but also have a helper to put it all on properly.

11_01_2015_14 11_01_2015_13 11_01_2015_12 11_01_2015_11We had just enough material to clad the front, back, and doorway side. J and our neighbour were able to bring the siding all the way down to the ground on the back which covered a vulnerable spot that would have allowed access to a persistent raccoon as well as an escape point for the birds as they love digging in the dirt under the coop.

11_01_2015_08 11_01_2015_07

The material needs a good cleaning as it had been stacked in our neighbour’s yard for several years before finally being put to use, but should be easy to wipe down. The chrome colour is great, and all that is left to do now is cover the joins at the corners, apply a flashing to the top to prevent rain water from getting behind the metal, and paint the exposed wood in some modern colours.

11_01_2015_06 11_01_2015_05 11_01_2015_04 11_01_2015_03 11_01_2015_02It’s coming along really well considering J had zero building experience when the project was started, and many of the materials we used were salvaged or donated (all of the half moon boards around the base were provided by a friend, the boards used on the start of the duck house on the left were deck boards collected from the yard of my Dad’s new property, and the cladding donated by our neighbour being the most recent addition.) To pass along the good karma we gave the last bits of siding as well as all the fencing removed from the top of the run over to our new island friends who are working on their own coop right now. I LOVE the freecycle nature of the community on this island, Gabriola provides!!


    • It was definitely a way bigger project than we were expecting too, and it’s not done yet haha. I have followed your blog, looking forward to seeing more of your journey!

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