House Stuffs


Stuff has been happening! Most of it good, some of it annoying (that’s another post altogether) but on the whole things are getting extra cozy around here for the winter season.

The first super amazing thing that we did was change out our crappy stove! AHHH this is the most amazing thing, I can bake again! This development is made even sweeter by the fact that this Samsung stove was GIVEN to us – along with a stainless steel Samsung fridge and a matching stainless hoodfan – by a very generous and wonderful island friend. They renovated their kitchen and got new appliances, leaving this set in their storage. When J complained about how our stove was unreliable and we could barely use it, they VERY kindly offered us their old appliances for free. I still can’t believe it, we didn’t have money for this and still it happened. Eternal thanks to Z&N for their kindness and consideration! Wowza.

Check out these beauties:



And goodbye to the old temperamental Sears viking and all the dirt underneath it haha.


So what else is up; a while ago we painted our bedroom dark dark dark which we both still love a ton. Now that it is dark for so much of the day, though, it can be hard to see in here without an overhead light (there isn’t one). We thought about installing one, but then thought we would really prefer something more ambient to a bright ceiling light that stays off all night. Admittedly, I have anxiety about the dark and have to sleep with the TV on for background noise/light source (I’m such a wuss) but when I turn the TV back on in the middle of the night sometimes it wakes up J. We thought it would be nice to have a gentle light that can stay on all night, and the answer seemed pretty obvious; movie theatre lights haha.


We ran a couple of interconnected strings of tube LED lights up from the far corner and around the ceiling line and I’m pretty happy with the result. The light is warm and soft enough to sleep and/or watch movies by, and the power consumption is low so we can just leave them on during the day to see in our dressers and closet. Pretty excited to hibernate in here this winter.



We’ve also made some additions to the living room, mostly of the cushion and blanket variety, but also some new plants; another peace lily for filtering the air, and some African Violets my mom very delicately propagated from a dying plant of hers. Just this morning we also added a hook into the gluelam beam and hung a hammock chair that Dad had at the cabin and didn’t want anymore. This thing has been around for a long while, I’m 99% sure it’s the same one that we sat in as kids at the house in Horseshoe Bay. Because it’s so old the rope is very nearly crumbling apart, but I am going to copy the pattern and knot up a new one. Maybe that can be a new business endeavor for me; fancy suspended chairs. Ha. Stay tuned!

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