New Addition: Meet Brody!


This funny little lady joined our family yesterday afternoon after a journey from Saltspring Island with a friend. She’s a silver-spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben (officially the most fun chicken breed name to say) and we have named her Brody because she has such a cute spiky hairdo. Getting the flock to accept her is the next challenge; she is young and still fairly small, so she will get picked on. Our flock is pretty nice, but she will need to find her place in the pecking order. Last night we took her into the coop at bedtime and placed her next to Scully on the end of the roosting bar. Brody then started to try to tuck her head under Scully’s belly, forcing everyone on the bar to shuffle down and squawk with annoyance. Eventually, when that wasn’t working, she just climbed onto Scully’s back and then walked over all the backs of the other hens down the line into the corner, where she plunked herself into the thick of it and everyone settled down. It was pretty cute, but I’m not sure what everyone else thought of that. Ha. CHICKENS.



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