I Baked So Many Cookies


My beautiful friend Alina and I baked our hearts out for days to prepare for the December 12th Community Hall Christmas Craft Fair, and omg there were so many cookies, truffles, macaroons, bags of biscotti and other goodies. I’m pretty sure I have ingested my quota of sugar for the rest of the year…. but it was so worth it!


I snagged some cute dishes from VV last week to make the table look fancy, and used some of the bed sheets I have collected for sewing projects as a table cover. I lucked out and some really nice vintage looking items were priced cheaply right when I needed them 🙂

I made 4 different kinds of vegan cookie, 2 with gluten free options, totaling about 73 bags of cookies (with 2-5 cookies per bag). HUNDREDS OF COOKIES. Hundreds!! What’s even more shocking is that I very nearly sold them all.


The whole table was vegan, with lots of gluten free, organic and raw options. Lots of people were really excited to be able to buy vegan for themselves and/or vegan family members who would be in town for the holidays. I sold out of chai spice shortbread and the non-GF vegan “oreos” and Mexican spice snickerdoodles. Just a few bags of peanut butter pillows remained, with a handful of GF snickerdoodles and a few bags of GF oreos. Alina’s GF vegan eggnog and cranberry biscotti sold out right away, and I think there was just one bag of the non-GF version left at the end. Her joy sticks sold out, and so did the macaroons and hulk bars. Things went really well and we had a lot of fun!

In typical Gabriola fashion, the power went out around 2:30pm, which lead to the fair ending early, but we did continue on in the dark for almost an hour before the rough weather lead to a slow down in shoppers.



Overall it was super fun and I’d love to do it again next year, or even get involved in the farmer’s market that runs all summer. More on that later, I’m sure!


  1. Looks like it was a success! How fun to be able to bake all day! I’d say yes, going into sugar overload would be worth it! I had no idea you had to deal with power going out! Do you have generators at home?

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