Introducing: Ozzy


This time last year our “gifts” for each other were two new animal companions; Hans and Millie. 2015 has brought us 4 more rabbits (Tonks and Lupin, Moe, Zapp), 5 new pullets (The GOT crew, Brody), 1 rooster (El Hefe) and 2 chicks (Pod and Penelope). This month we have adopted our LAST animal for a while… and we really mean it this time. In an effort to ensure every animal has a partner to keep them company, we got a second small breed dog to be companion to Suze; little Ozzy!


Ozzy is a pug mix (he has a chihuahua face) that we found at the Turtle Gardens no-kill shelter in Smithers, BC. We filled out the application, had the home visit performed by a local contact, and met Ozzy for the first time the day we took him home this past week in Vancouver. The drive down from Smithers is about 14 hours, and apparently he took it very well. He’s a snuggly little man that we are thrilled to see getting along with Suze so well!


Seriously though, we are now FULL. No more fur-babies! 2 cats, 2 dogs, 8 rabbits, 14 chickens, and 4 ducks. We’ve got our work cut out for us :):):)

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