e.l.f. Nail Polish


I don’t know what the heck is going on with my nail polish go-to Cult Cosmetics… their site has been down for months and they are not responding to customer e-mails or facebook comments. It seems they have closed without any comment, which is unfortunate because I was looking forward to new colours, and vegan/cruelty free nail polish is not as readily available as one would hope. Also, it’s pretty rude. Over the holidays I found a box set of 20 colours by e.l.f. that was discounted to about $15 which seemed like a great deal so I grabbed it. The bottles are mini sized, but in some fun shades and glitters and were less than $1 each. (not that I need MORE nail polish, but whatever.)


The quality is fairly good, though the saturation is not as strong as I would have liked. I can’t really complain though, the last vegan nail polish I found in stores was about $18 for ONE FRIGGIN BOTTLE and for less than that I got 20 from e.l.f. (The pricey brand is Butter London, and only the shine 10x ones with the silver top are actually vegan as per this blog.)


Other inexpensive nail polish brands that are cruelty free that I would like to try are Wet n Wild (list of their vegan products can be found here, and all products are not tested on animals) and Hard Candy (list of their vegan products can be found here, and all products are not tested on animals). Hard Candy though… I remember loving these when I was a kid but I only had 3 colours because they were $12 each which was like 6 weeks of allowance for me (I had sky, cotton candy, and pea soup) They recently rolled out a limited edition 20th anniversary edition of their original colours WITH THE JELLY RINGS and I was surprisingly stoked, but the whole roll out was ridiculous. They were exclusive to Walmart (blech) and could not be bought online, only in stores. They had a list of stores they would be available at including several locations close to me, but I went twice and both times the employees had no idea what I was talking about. I was not about to make any effort beyond that and even the two trips were stupid, in my opinion. Not sure why they decided to do the promotion that way, lots of people complained about it online. It is just nail polish, after all though. Priorities, Taylor. Priorities. They do have a lot of other neat colours in their current line, but I was all about the pastels and jelly rings.

Anyone else know of a good vegan/cruelty free nail polish that is also inexpensive?


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  1. That elf set looks like a very good get!
    You could try 100% pure – vegan and cf, or trust fund beauty – cf but not sure of vegan status.
    I love nail polish too 🙂

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