Hey Four Eyes


GLASSES. I wear them. I have worn them since I was about 13. I kind of hate them, but alas, vision is important so I have to learn to love them. The problem for me, and many others I’m sure, is how expensive glasses are. The last pair I got were over $400, and I only bought them because 80% was covered by medical. I no longer have access to medical through my work, so I am on my own.

Once upon a time there was a vintage shop in downtown Vancouver where I would buy used frames for $10 then take them upstairs to an optical store and get my script put in for about $90. The vintage shop is gone now (replaced by an Old Navy…), and I haven’t found anywhere else selling neat frames for cheap. I tried ordering online but when the frames arrived they were way to big for my face. Committing to frames you haven’t tried on is hard!

My script has changed over time so the only frames I have left that are of any use are the same pair I have had for ages, bought at the vintage shop that has been gone for 5+ years. In fact, I have found photos of me from 8 years ago wearing these same frames… I’ve had them so long I actually have dents in my skull where the too-short arms have been sitting for so long haha. They have started giving me headaches and are looking pretty rough… the final straw being when I was cleaning a very very dirty sink at work and accidentally splashed the bio-hazard water up into face and all over my frames. I used alcohol wipes to clean them, and they destroyed the finish of the plastic. Barf.


I was flipping through a magazine at work and saw an ad for a website selling cheap frames, plus a 20% off code (!) so I thought I would check it out. Polette.com has frames as cheap as $9.99 and all shipping is just $4.99! I meticulously measured my current frames and picked out some options that fit within that size. I settled on 4 frames, totaling $100, and placed the order. It took a really long time for them to actually show up, but it was December so post offices were probably busy. When they did arrive I was excited to find that all 4 pairs actually fit and looked fairly good!


Ultimately I’d like to put my script in all four so I can rotate, but I will have to start with just one. And once I have the new script I will be smushing my old ones. Here’s a super old photo of them for laughs (6+ years ago):


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  1. Cute glasses. I was going to suggest online glasses shopping. It can be a hit or miss but if you can find them cheap enough, it’s not so bad if they are a miss. Glasses are so expensive! I know, I used to wear them!

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