2016 House Goals


I’m feeling really good about this year, you guys! Things have started out really well with me eliminating some outstanding debts from last year and being able to set aside some money. My bank account isn’t in overdraft? What, that’s crazy. I applied for a full time position with my work in Vancouver and was awarded the job, starting February 1st. This means I will have consistent work through the end of August, as well as a raise which I’m feeling pretty good about. The last two years have been somewhat an experiment in “unjobbing”, which was fun but as it turns out if we want to continue doing projects and living comfortably we need to have a more reliable income. My contract work has been tough because often invoices go unpaid for months, and from time to time just remain unpaid which is a big downer. It’s hard to set aside money for travel or renovations when you are constantly just trying to pay your basic living expenses.


SO. This year is the year I get it together! I’ve taken steps to consolidate debts and regain comfortable control of my finances which I feel is the best way to start a new year. We have been working more on the house while we wait for the garden to wake up, moving furniture around and creating comfortable new spaces. The TV room downstairs has undergone a face lift with the addition of a rug and curtains (relocated from upstairs) and some small tables and a floor lamp. It’s nice to see this space being used after the rabbits kind of trashed it last year.

Next on the to-do list is the installation of new flooring. Shortly after moving in we removed the carpet down here because, gross, and since then it has been waiting for new material. Not long now!


I have made a short wish list of items for the room upstairs, namely a larger carpet to replace the one we relocated to downstairs. I also have some prints I would like to have framed so they can finally be displayed.


I thrifted a cute little dresser last week to organize my clothes better. Our closets are pretty small which I like because walk in closets are seriously obnoxious, but it can be a tight squeeze. So yup, those are all my clothes!




We also have one more small project in the works for the stairs… we just wanted to add a little more interest/fun to the downstairs as we fill it up with hobby stuff – including a drum kit!! More when it is finished.


Other items on the list for this year:

-Rabbit runs. One on the side of the house and one on the balcony. Those little bunbuns need space to run safely and this year we are going to set it up.

-Possible relocation of a shed from Dad’s property to ours. Would be nice to have a tool shed so everything isn’t mucking up the laundry room!

-More planters in the fenced area of the yard. We also need a soil delivery big time.

-Mulch for the ground between planters. The hay we used as a stop-gap last year rotted down and we raked it away to compost. What’s left is a mud pit, essentially.

-Stairs down to the chicken coop. I’m tired of slipping down this part of the yard, and the other morning when I rolled down into the mud with an armload of eggs was the last straw haha.

-Gravel the driveway and side of carport. It’s a mud pit up here too.

-Rebar the side of the carport. This will complete our rebar fence project and made things look a lot nicer!

-Planter in front of house by the driveway with ferns and other shade-lovers.

-Fence along the driveway to keep the chickens out of the road and provide a privacy barrier between the road and the kitchen window. We also need a place to display our street address more clearly.

-Fence along the lower part of the yard to contain the chickens and dogs. We have the metal posts already, just need some post crete and mesh. We then plan to plant climbers and vines along the base to grow over the wire.

-Greenhouse with the glass panels we were given last year. We just need to built the support frame and bingo-bango!

It sounds like a lot but I am confident we can hammer it out! Go team!

What are your homesteading goals for this year???




  1. Great goals. I love the fencing y’all have installed – so unique. Interested to read about building your own greenhouse, as this is something I absolutely want to do! My homesteading goals are streamlining composting (with worms and fungi), increasing our homebrewing experience, building indoor seed-starting shelving, and adding a small medicinal herb garden. Cheers!

    • We hope to start the greenhouse soon. A friend on the island bought a property that had a pile of glass sliding doors and huge windows on it that they didn’t want, so he trucked them over to our place. They are huge and metal framed so they are super heavy, but we think would make a neat greenhouse! Streamlining composting sounds like a great idea, and so does home brewing. My coworker just told me about monkeys that ferment their own alcohol; they throw a bunch of fruit into a pit and guard it while it rots and ferments. When it’s ready they all eat the fruit and get drizzunk. Made me laugh pretty hard 🙂

  2. You have done so many awesome things and have accomplished so much! I get inspired reading your posts. My goals are more organizing and really getting down to just basics. Making less is best my approach to things. I want less. I am hoping less will buy me more time to do the things I really want to do. I love your stream lined wardrobe!

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