Vegan Battle: Daiya!


That’s right, Daiya is going head to head with itself in today’s Vegan Battle. They have improved their product and the new packaging boasts “Now even cheezier and stretchier” – so let’s put that to the test!


I immediately noticed that it looks a lot better. The original product is on the left and the new formula is on the right. The colour is lighter, the shreds are smoother, and they smell better too. I threw a light layer on top of some tomato sauce and bread to make a couple slices of pizza toast for the test. After heating the cheeze it was pretty obvious that the new stuff does indeed melt a lot better. It still doesn’t look all that “natural”, but to me it looks slightly more appealing than the previous recipe which kind of just sits there on the toast.

The taste test: the flavour seems to me to be relatively the same, but it’s all about the texture. The new stuff has a way creamier mouth feel to it and is more in line with what Chao is like when melted. It was also stretchier/stringier than the original.

Overall I am happy about the improvements made to the product! I would still lean towards using light quantities of the stuff on food rather than a thick sticky layer, but the texture was much improved and the “sweetness” that I am not really a fan of in the Daiya flavour is lessened. So I’ll chalk it up as a success!



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