We Bought Some Rocks


If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember that we had a drama with our well pump a few months ago. Finding the well location proved difficult and we had to dig in a few locations before it finally turned up, and the result (combined with all the rain we’ve been getting) is a mud pit for a yard. MUD PIT.


Every time my Dad comes to visit he points out that it is muddy as he tries to get to the door without being swallowed alive. I was all “Yeah yeah I’ll buy some gravel when…” but hadn’t done it yet. A cheap deal popped up on the community page yesterday so I pounced on it and this morning it was dropped off on our driveway. I never thought I would ever utter the words “I’m so excited about this gravel” during my lifetime, but today it happened. And I was really, really excited.



Before and after!



More before and after!


It only took us about a half hour to spread the gravel out along the side of the carport and the result was so dramatic we were inspired to start tackling another driveway project; privacy fence/chicken barrier. We picked up some posts and concrete and started setting it out… more as this project progresses, we’ve got a really neat idea!! We are also waiting on delivery of more gravel to cover the rest of the driveway. This project will serve many purposes: the gravel will make the driveway less muddy, the fence will keep the chickens from wandering into the front of the house or the road, the posts will prevent me from ever scraping the side of my car along the rocks like I did trying to back out around the well hole a few weeks ago (arg), there will be adequate lighting when it’s dark, we will have a place to display our address more clearly, and hopefully it will provide a bit of a barrier between the road and our kitchen window. Plus it will look reeeeeal nice!


It begins…


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