Revitalizing the Front of the Property


As previously mentioned, our front yard is looking pretty muddy and brown and unappealing. Well no more! We had a load of gravel delivered that we spread along the mud on the side of the carport, then a second load (a birthday gift from my Mom!) that we spread up the driveway. We snipped back the junipers on the one side and started building the fence and gate along the rocky side. The driveway is so much wider now and the mud puddle where the well is has been filled in. The whole look is much more polished, and we will likely just need one more load of gravel to cover the rest of the drive.


Some before pictures to show the side of the carport and outside the kitchen window, future site of the gate and start of the fence.




The fence has been started using 4x4s and some post crete, along with a recycled deck board along the base to contain the gravel.



We’ve also started to get the balcony ready for the new rabbit area, and after removing a portion of railing decided we would also remove the balcony boards and the rest of the railing and replace them because they are pretty rotten.






We relocated our rain barrel around the back to another drain pipe to clean up the appearance of the front of the house. We also removed everything from the carport (the glass windows, some smaller glass windows, an old planter and bucket and some other junk) and swept it out (the old fridge is still there, awaiting pick up from the person who bought it in December, hopefully it goes soon.) Next we will pressure wash it and paint and seal the concrete. We are playing with the idea of removing the rounded brick step at the front door, but not sure when that would happen. It looks like it would need a really good smashing to get out but it is just so ugly.



We also started to dig out a location for the future tool shed and used the dirt to build up the area above the gravel so we can plant shrubs and other stuff in there. We had initially thought we wanted a tea garden up here but that was a real rookie mistake because the deer eat everything that isn’t protected by a fence. Instead we will plant lavender, rosemary, sage, heather, ferns and other low maintenance plants that the deer aren’t interested in. We are getting smarter!



J dug the dirt and I hauled around rocks and spread the soil along the hill.


We are pretty pleased with how it turned out! That’s the update for this week. Stay tuned for more ❤



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