Driveway Fence Posts all in


Our second load of gravel hasn’t arrived yet (tomorrow!) but we have completed putting in the posts for the fence. J has been tirelessly pulling up all the ground cover from the side of the drive and getting all the roots out so possibly maybe it won’t come back. We found some daffodils sprouting up underneath some of them at the end of the drive so we made a little bed at the last post where we can plant some more bulbs and other perennials. We went to Wheel Barrel Nursery today and picked up a rhododendron, Mexican orange, and bunch of potted daffodils and crocuses. J also relocated a couple of choisya plants we had in the back of the house and moved them into the shade at the side of the driveway. Hopefully they fill out nicely!


Pilot hung around all day and the chickens also “helped” with the moving of plants.


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