RIP Cersei :(


There have been a lot of predatory birds hanging out in our trees lately – eagles and ravens, mostly – and it would appear that one of them has managed to get a hold of one of our flock. Cersei (forefront of the photo above) has disappeared. It is always sad when one of our animals dies, particularly in a situation where it was our duty to keep them safe. We are upset that this happened, but at the same time not surprised. We have been letting the chickens free range around the property which makes them happier, but is riskier. We have now moved the chicken coop back up the priority list so once we have finished the fence on the driveway we will work to secure the run against predators and expand it so they aren’t so cramped in there together. We are now at 13 chickens (11 hens and 2 roos) and 4 ducks. Everyone else is fine, thankfully. RIP Cersei.


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