Poor Little Suzie


Our little Suzie has had a rough week. She has slipped a disc in her back, which is common in dachshunds though we didn’t think it would happen while she was still so young. She has been struggling to use her back legs and is obviously in a fair bit of pain. We went to the vet yesterday and we will have to keep her crated for a month to heal it up. Poor little muffin! I got some new dog blankets and a plush doggie bed for her from Value Village, plus a baby playpen from someone on the island so she has a secure place to heal for the month of March. This is a serious and scary business that we really hope Suzie can recover from without an expensive surgery, or in the worst case scenario, paralysis. She’s going to have to be supported for the rest of her life and no more jumping up on people or the couch. Fingers crossed she heals up well and stays healthy! ❀



  1. Noooo this sucks 😦
    Dog troubles are the most heartbraking troubles.
    A friend of mine went through the same thing with her dog and they were thinking of surgery but then arrived at an amazing pet accupuncterist and after a month or so of treatments he went back to himself. I know it sounda strange but i truely think these things work.

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