Thrift Scores


I scored big time at GIRO over the weekend with this nice frame for $6. What made it such an awesome find is that one of the prints I have had stored for ages fit PERFECTLY. That never happens! The print is a beautiful piece by Martine Johanna featuring Margot Tenanabum from the Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenanbaums. I love Wes Anderson and have one other print from Spoke Art’s “Bad Dads” show from 2015. (There are still lots of prints left for sale on their website, thought this print is sold out)




Total fluke that the print fit like it was meant to be.


So basically I got a frame for $6 that looks like a $500 custom job. That obviously makes me pretty excited.



I’ve also been collecting towels and changing up the colour combos on our sofas. The orange throw blanket is a nice soft wool and it was just $5.99. I love the way it looks with the navy blue pillow! Colourful everything!



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