Yard Progress


I had my 32nd birthday last week and just as proof that I am, in fact, very old, I asked my parents to gift me some gravel. And I was super super friggin’ excited about it. J spread out the last delivery which reached to the top of the driveway and it all looks fabulous! After seeing what a difference it made, we’ve been going full bore on the yard to tidy up and tame some of the wilder areas of the property. Here are some progress shots.


Above is before the gravel arrived, after the well fiasco that left the driveway muddy and uneven. It’s hard to see in the photos, but we also got rid of all the junk in our carport with the exception of the fridge that is awaiting pickup. We trimmed back the juniper which widened the driveway, moved the rain barrel to a different drainpipe, and cemented in the 4×4 posts to make the start of the privacy fence. Already the kitchen window is slightly protected from the street, and once the boards are on the fence and we plant the hedging behind it things will be a lot more private.



We are going to dig out a second driveway on the other side of the juniper for J’s car that will lead up to the new shed. J’s got a friend with a mini-digger that can help out which will make it a lot easier and save J some hard work. We will get some new dirt to fill up some planters around the yard, and then we can build a small 4×4 retaining wall to clean everything up.


^ Another before shot of the dug up driveway. It looks so much better now!!



We got a nice new rhododendron and built a small planter around some daffodils that sprouted up at the top of the driveway. Yes, it’s February and we already have blooming daffodils. It’s nice here haha.



When we trimmed back the juniper we also uncovered some small flowers that had been growing on the side of the drive. I’m not positive I know what they are, but they are cute!



We trimmed back some of the arbutus branches that were blocking light to the apple trees and growing close to the power lines. J has also been working really hard to pull up all of the invasive ground cover on the side of the driveway


We have also started trimming back all the lower branches on the trees around the property to open things up a bit and and let a bit more light in. I didn’t get very good before shots, but this part of the yard looks completely different now after trimming off a few low hanging limbs. Now we can see the coop from the other side!


I relocated a few of our lavenders into the same area of the yard where some established plants are doing really, really well.



The garden is starting to wake up, though our kale and parsley have been going strong for the whole winter. Once we have finished the yard tidy we will be focusing on putting in new plants and getting our seedlings going. We are very excited for this year!


  1. The little purple flower looks like a sweet violet, and your invasive ground cover looks to be Solomon’s Seal. The yard looks great!

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