Learning to Fell a Tree


While trimming back low hanging branches and pulling out all the daphne on the side of the property we identified two trees that were dead and could be cleared out. Our wonderful neighbour (seriously, give him an award) came over yesterday and showed J how to do it safely.


Here he is cutting a wedge out of the tree on the side we wanted it to fall towards, he then cut a wedge out of the opposite side of the trunk and we were able to pull it over with a rope. The first tree dropped onto the ground beside the stump and needed to be wedge-cut a second time so it came down in chunks. It’s upper branches were trapped by the adjacent trees so it didn’t have the freedom to just tip over. The second tree was easier to knock down and didn’t require as much slicing.




Once the trees were down the guys trimmed off all the branches and cut the trunk into sections that were scored on the top by the chainsaw. J then chopped them into firewood. Bonus for us because we were completely out and a cord is going for between $250-$300 on the island right now. Not the kind of cash we have to burn – literally.




So two birds with one stone; dead trees gone, and a new stack of firewood! Fancy this logging thing! haha.


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