Prepping the Garden for Spring


The weather is turning warmer which means it’s time to get the garden ready for springtime! This was a long and dark winter, so I’m overjoyed to see it finally ending. We did lots of work last year but a lot of the yard has turned to a mud pit in the meantime, and we still have lots of tidying up to do to get ready for planting. We got a load of mulch delivered to dress the beds and clean things up. Over the winter I had been layering the beds with the compostable waste from the bunnies (bunny poop is excellent fertilizer!) but it was definitely time to clean it all up.


Here is our pile (3 yards) of fine bark mulch to mix into the soil and top dress the plant beds. Want to know what bunny waste looks like? Here’s a litter box after about 3 days of poopin’. Bunnies poop a lot!! I clean the bunny castle out at least twice a week without fail, on Tuesdays when I leave for work and Saturdays when I return. Each time I get a full wheel barrow full of hay, poops, and soiled and soft wood pellets that we spread around the garden or add to the compost pile.




The bunny waste that was on the beds has been spread out and mixed into the soil, then top dressed with the mulch. It looks so much neater now! Here are a bunch of pictures of the garden as it is now. We’d like to cover the muddy ground with gravel, because that is our new favourite thing to do.


Here’s a little guy I found in the dirt. Cute!


Our house from the bottom of the neighbour’s yard, we don’t see it from this angle very often!


These little lungwort blossoms are so pretty!


The poop machines… couldn’t get Nibbler and Fry to sit still long enough though so they are missing a picture. Above is Zapp and Leela, followed by Millie and Momo, and Tonks and Lupin. ❤



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