Mulching the Pathways


We are on a roll with the garden! This morning Wheel Barrel Nursery delivered 2 yards of medium bark mulch so we could cover the mucky ground in the backyard and clean up the pathways. It made such a huge difference!!


The ground was pretty gross back there, but the mulch looks great. We were able to spread a thin layer of mulch over the entire area, which is a good start. We’d like to get another load of chunkier mulch delivered to spread on top and make it a bit thicker, so this was a nice base coat.



^ We also planted the first of our HOPS! Woohoo!


^ Pilot was very helpful today.


I also spotted the first of the mason bees! This little bee was really tired and groggy which happens when they have been unable to find food and are tired of flying. I picked it up (mason bees don’t sting!) and brought it over to some of our calendulas. It right away started to eat and shortly thereafter started flying from flower to flower. Saved!



  1. I love your layout with the mulch and boxes. Do you have any experience using sand vs. mulch? We are still debating what to put in ours. TIA!

    • Thank you! We lucked out and the shape of the “upper” backyard is pretty perfect. I haven’t had any experience with sand, though I imagine it would work the same way if you got a thick layer of it down. Might be weird to walk on though, like being at the beach haha

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