Free Book Project!


My friend is doing a really cool free book project and I decided to get involved too. It’s so easy!! We need 6 people to make it work, and it would be cool if they were from all over. All you have to do is send a new or gently used book of your choosing to one person, and you’ll get a bunch of books sent to you too. If you want to be part of the exchange leave a comment with your e-mail below and I’ll send you the address of the person you send your book to. Then you make a post on your social media and for every person that wants to join in you give MY address to send a book. Then every person they get involved gives YOUR address and they send you books! It sounds like fun and everyone loves free books so give it a shot!

Leave your email below and I’ll send you the information. BOOKY WOOKS. ❤





  1. oh my I would love this if I was not part of a book club/ exchange already… with work I am just not able to read more then a couple of books a month. looks like so much fun!

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