Recent Kitchen Additions


For a while there I didn’t do much with my kombucha except let it sit in the brew room turning to vinegar. I thought it was high time to get going on it again and to help me J picked up a new vessel with a spigot to make it easier to transfer the kombucha to bottles. I found a cool one at Value Village a while ago but the glass was thin and unfortunately I broke it while trying to tighten the spigot. This one is also from VV and was just $6!

I set it up in the kitchen with my sprouts and the dehydrator (I’m such a yuppie). I also brought my cookbooks up from downstairs and put them on display to encourage me to use them… we’ve decided to do a Sunday dinner every week where we pick new recipes from the books and make them together. This will be a new blog feature as well!



We also just scored this Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot green cutting board from GIRO for $1. I just love their products!

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