Garden Progress


Our first year on the property J built a whole series of planters and steps with scrap wood on the side of the house, then last year (following the septic tank incident where we discovered we had half built on top of the tank) he decided he hated them and pulled them all out. We then focused on fencing the area and building planters on the other side of the enclosure. Now that we’ve mulched the pathways and topped the beds in that part of the yard we are ready to come back to the original side and tidy it up again. The ground is lumpy, uneven and covered in scabby looking grass. J went to work digging it up this past week and we got started on putting in some new planters and plants.


J started by digging out the rectangles for the new planters and setting aside the dirt to fill them.




J did an awesome job setting up the new planter locations. Then while I was in the city for work he hammered out 3 of them.


J filled the planters with the soil he dug out and top dressed it with some soil from the grocery store (just $7.99 a bag)


We’ve got 3 more planter locations marked out and lots of ideas for what to plant. We will have to finish off the 4×4 steps down to the red gate and then mulch this area as well, and then the whole fenced portion of the yard should be almost finished. Well, then the stairs coming down from the carport which have been started but, as everything does, require money to finish.



The rest of the yard is starting to look great, and it’s not even April yet! Our hops look good, and we’ve also planted some arugula, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fennel, thyme, spinach, and some other stuff. The new planters have now got new raspberry canes (all our old ones got trashed at some point), strawberries, blueberries and shallots.


I’ve been working really hard to get lots more flowers for the bees this year too; we’ve planted poppies, cornflower, echinacea, heather, daffodils, lavender, hollyhocks and more.


Our Bob’s Blue dwarf rhodos have finally blossomed again… they didn’t flower at all last year it was too hot.


I’ve also been working to fill these beds at the top of the side yard with plants. I’ve been transplanting a lot of wildflowers from other parts of the yard including a lot of bloody william (rosa campanula) and some clumps of what I think are shasta daisys but we have yet to figure that out. I also transplanted some comfrey from the lower yard so there will be lots more of that this year.


All the wolfsbane and anemones J transplanted from our neighbour last year are looking great, and so are the hollyhocks we grew from seed 2 years ago (it took a while for them to actually get going!)


I think we’re off to a pretty strong start this year!

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