We have 10 laying hens and only one person in this house that actually eats the eggs. As you can imagine, this is a problem! Just look at what is in the fridge right now…


SWEET FANCY MOSES. We’ve had the cooler out on the driveway but no takers, so the cartons just keep piling up. I’m going to attempt to whip up (translation; labour over for 4+ hours) a couple lemon meringue tortes… though while delicious, the recipe isn’t vegan. And doubling the recipe still only uses up a dozen of these bad boys. Anyone have any suggestions on how to preserve eggs? Not that we will need more eggs in the future, these things are going to keep coming, it just seems wasteful to bin them. Too many of my island friends are also vegan haha. Where the vEGGans at?

Anyone on Gabe want to buy? Or just take awayyyyy??


^ Mulder wonders what I’m going to do with the thing that just came out of her butt.


^ Pod has certainly grown into a handsome roo! Because he has fertilized many of the eggs we sent another small batch off to a friend to go into an incubator. She is trying to get a baby frizzle (Fozzy is our frizzle) but hasn’t had much luck yet as it is a recessive gene.


  1. A thin coating of mineral oil will keep eggs kept in a cool place fresh for many months, even years.

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