More Rapid Fire Garden Progress


Garden garden garden. It’s coming alive and we are on target to have the fenced area really worked out for this growing season. J has been working away at the side of the yard that needs development, and added a few more steps to the decking using reclaimed deck boards and 4x4s.


The plants are growing like mad and these beds are filling out really nicely.


Other new additions: my step-sister hooked me up with a bunch of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and Black Prince heirlooms which we are VERY excited about! Along with the Romas we have already started sprouting this year we will have a nice trio of different colours and flavours to work with.

Another awesome garden score that came our way last week was a load of top quality sea soil… for free. A large load was accidentally dropped in our front yard that wasn’t meant for us. Because it was too much of a bother to scrape it all back up the driver said we could just keep it as a freebie. WUT. It was like xmas morning for J haha. Perfect timing too because our 3 new beds needed filling and some others needed topping, but $98/yd soil was not in our immediate plans.



Our new beds are now completed, filled and top-dressed, and loaded with plants. We have blueberries (2 pink lemonade, a duke, and some others I forgot the name of already), 2 honeyberry plants from last season that finally look like they are doing something, raspberries (including some from our neighbour), a whole whack of strawberries from last year and the year before – they are just starting to get big (come to think of it a bunch of them were also from our neighbour), along with some shallots and sage. J has planted a load of lavenders along the side of the beds as well as some beautiful camelias. The lemon balm has really exploded in size too. Those were started from seed the first year we were here and they are nicely established now. I spotted a really beautiful yellow Japanese rose plant a few weeks back that we couldn’t afford, and J went back for it for me this weekend (SO SWEET). Long story short: we have lots of plants. I’m beyond excited.



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