Spring Cleaning!


It’s springtime and that means it’s also time for spring cleaning. J and I felt the house was getting a little crowded so to simplify we did a big purge of clothes, jackets, shoes, books, kitchen stuff, yard junk, and other things. Namely, chairs. I don’t know how we ended up with so many, but we definitely had TOO many. Actually, I know exactly how we ended up with all those chairs: they were FREE and I’m a sucker for free things! Ha.

Purging has got to be one of my favourite things to do… especially due to the fact that I work with hoarders at my job, when I come home I just want to get rid of everything. It’s easy to acquire lots of stuff when you don’t have to pay much (or anything) for it, but as a rule you should only ever have things in your home that you really, truly love. Anything that you feel ambivalent about should be headed out the door (funny side note; when I told my friends I was getting divorced one of them joked that she was convinced that with all the stuff I purge out it was only a matter of time before I purged the husband out too hahahaha groan…) We hauled these bits and bobs all into the carport and two of our lovely friends jumped on the opportunity to take them and now they are gone gone gone. The free-cycle chain goes on! ❤

Anyone else doing some spring cleaning??



  1. Yep I am on a donation trip through the house also. Today was children’s books and clothes and that took most of the morning. Next is the laundry room and that is biggggggg mess!

  2. I LOVE purging. It used to be every time we moved (which for a while seemed like it was oftener than normal). Now I just do it whenever I feel like things are getting cluttered.

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