Why I Thrift!


I have been big into thrifting for clothes and household goods since I was about 15 (17 years ago! Ah!) and have no problem telling everyone about it. A lot of the time people are surprised; a former boss once asked me how I had so many clothes because I basically never wore the same thing twice, and when I said I buy everything for super cheap second hand she was shocked. The next person to walk into the office heard her blurting out Did you know she’s never bought anything new?? That’s not true, I do buy new clothes from time to time, but I’m going to show you in this post why I don’t do it very often.

I bought a beautiful Matt & Nat wallet a few months ago and have wanted to get another one of their products. I am currently borrowing J’s black backpack to go back and forth from the city and thought a nice vegan leather one for me would be pretty great. Of course Matt & Nat have the perfect one. But it’s $150!!! I’ve been spending a lot of money on the house and garden, so $150 is a big deal for a single bag. I’m also “out” of shoes… does that ever happen to anyone else? Haha. I have no slip-on sneakers left because once they get holes in them or smell so terrible I’m afraid I’m going to offend the people around me I toss them out. Sooo… beautiful bag or more shoes? I decided against the expensive bag and instead took myself to get some new clothes and shoes. And for the SAME PRICE as the one bag, I got all of this:


^ 6 pairs of shoes plus 18 pairs of socks.


^ A Beatrix Potter book and a book on knitting letters.


^ 3 sweaters, 9 long sleeved shirts, 1 plaid shirt, 1 nightie, 4 t-shirts. (That’s 18 pieces of clothing)


^ 1 ornate picture frame, 1 owl shaped tea bag dish


^ 3 new cookbooks


^ Shower curtain

SO to recap: 6 pairs of shoes, 18 pairs of socks, 18 articles of clothing, 5 books, 1 frame, 1 dish and 1 shower curtain. Or one bag? What would you pick?


What was really amazing about last week was that after I decided not to get the Matt & Nat bag (just yet, let’s be honest ha) I happened upon a brand new Matt & Nat wallet for FREE, tags still on it! Ahhh life you are a trip! ❤



  1. Oh man, I can so relate to this! I, too, have been thrifting since I was 15. In college, I spent a lot of money on new clothes, too, but my post-graduation finances kind of forced me to rein things in a little. Now, I thrift almost exclusively. People at work are always commenting on my outfits, too. I love the compliments, but what I love even more is knowing most of my clothing items cost less than $8. It’s such a rush! I love it! And once I get tired of the clothes, I can just recycle them back. Win win 🙂

    • I love the idea of having clothes that look great, were cheap, and diverted from the landfill. It also makes me feel less guilty when I inevitably spill something or fall in the mud hahahaha

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