RIP Mugatu and Moss


Oh man we are having a really crappy spring. A few days after the loss of Hefe and Edna (which was a few days after the disappearance of Cersei) we lost Mugatu (the white duck on the left) to a raccoon. The birds were put back into the coop and closed in for the night but the hatch was accidentally left open and a few hours later a raccoon walked inside and pulled him out. J ran down to see what was happening but Mugatu was already a goner. He chased the raccoon away but we knew he would be back so we made sure the coop was properly closed up well before dark each night. J also put netting over the top of the run to keep the chickens in and predatory birds out (Edna and Cersei we suspect were both killed by ravens or hawks or possibly even an eagle).

This Saturday we let the birds out in the morning and realized we were missing another duck, Moss (Grey one in the centre). We couldn’t figure out what had happened, but J noticed the ramp that holds the hatch closed had been pushed aside. We didn’t see any tears in the netting, but when we looked closer we found the metal fencing had been pried open and there were feathers in the planter. What we suspect happened this time was the raccoon shoved the ramp off the hatch door, pulled out the board that wedges the hatch shut and then crawled in and pulled Moss out into the run, then out through the fence. :((((((


^ Here’s the duckies when we brought them home in September of 2014. Mugatu has the big fluff on his head and Moss is the grey one.


^ Close up of a slightly older Moss with our female Crumpet.

Once again we are very sad to lose more of our flock. We immediately went out and bought a latch and locking carribeaner to secure the hutch door at night. We will also have to replace the larger fencing on the run with a small mesh to match the mesh on the rabbit castle as anything larger is just not secure. We will also have to mesh securely over the top of the run. This is going to cost us $$$$$ but clearly we need to step up our game because the predators are treating our babies like a buffet. Sigh. Rest in peace you beautiful little duckies. We will always remember your funky hairdos. We are left with 2 ducks, Crumpet and Ishmael.


  1. Oh that’s so sad. It is a battle to keep finding ways to keep them safe. How about a great pyrenees? They do a good job at chasing vermin. We lost about 7-8 chickens one year to something that kept sneaking in and nabbing one at a time…awful year. Still never knew what was getting them. 😦

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