Less than a month ago I posted about us undertaking the neglected side of the yard so the whole thing would be ready for spring planting. We’ve managed to get a lot done in that time! Check out this before and after:


We’ve built 5 new planters, 3 of which are already filled and planted, completed the stairs coming up from the red gate, brought the steps down from the carport a little bit further, AND mulched the pathways.


^ I’ve been transplanting some wildflowers from the lower part of the yard which will hopefully start to fill out. Those Mediterranean spurge sure don’t like to be moved! They just wilt right down. But those mini daisies have been easy to relocate.


^ Future site of the bunny castle expansion, coming soon! Because I am away for work so often the bunnies could really use a bit more independence, so we are going to double the size of their housing so they have a lot more space to stretch their legs when I can’t be home to supervise them in the yard. It is already getting super hot out too so a place that’s shaded is ideal. I had them out yesterday and all they wanted to do was hide in the shade.



^ Our first camelia flower!


^ J built a nice trellis for the raspberries out of scrap we had in the scrap pile (which is getting so much smaller!)


^ Blueberries, honeyberries, and strawberries!


^ Our lemon balm is almost ready to be harvested already!


This is the site of our first enclosure; now that it’s all dismantled and the ground is leveled out it looks so big!!


^ Does borage usually get this big??! The stems are thicker than my wrist!


^ The first of our tomatoes to go outside. Good luck little babies!



  1. it looks fantastic .I’m tired just looking at how much work the two of you did .I really like the raspberry trellis , great idea.

  2. You both are extremely inspirational. I love, love, love your blog! I love your posts and the easy way you write and it’s all just so enjoyable to read! Thanks for sharing your awesome talents with us. Best wishes always! Koko:)

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