Interior: Blackberry Paint


When we moved in the first thing we did was paint everything inside the house a light grey to clean it up. J has been very vocal about it being “boring” and like a battleship, but I really like neutrals so it’s been a slow tug of war. J brought home some paint samples one day and we were both really drawn to a shade of blackberry, thinking it would be nice on the wall in the dining room with the artwork, and behind the bookshelves in the living room. A few days later it was done! Ta da!


I really like that it matches the couch, and adds some cool darkness to the super bright rooms of the house. We also need to add more cool colours to balance out the yellow of the floor and the yellow of the bookcases. We are in the process of getting a new dining set as well as a large rug to help with this, but the paint is a huge step in the right direction.


We were so happy with the blackberry that J painted a wall downstairs too! We are currently brainstorming a colour that goes with it a bit better than the green, which is super funky but a little overpowering. I reeeeeally can’t wait to get the floor in down there… one day.




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